October 20, 2007
Still more complaints filed against Keller

Keep it up, I say.

Joining a swelling tide of criticism, 130 attorneys from Harris County have filed a judicial conduct complaint condemning the actions of Judge Sharon Keller, who presides over the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The latest complaint against Keller, filed late Wednesday by the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, also was signed by state District Judge Susan Criss of Galveston, retired state District Judge Jay W. Burnett and six regular citizens.


The Harris County defense bar is calling for all other state bar agencies to complain about Keller as well.

"Every bar group should be incensed at this conduct and this callousness," said Patrick McCann, president of the Harris County group. "This judge knew what the effect of shutting that door was."

Indeed she did. I hope the other bar agencies heed this call. The more complaints, the more likely (I hope) that the judicial review committee will take action. BOR has more.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on October 20, 2007 to Crime and Punishment