November 03, 2007
What next for the Dome?

Tory sees three possible ways that the Reliant and Rodeo versus Astrodome Redevelopment battle can be won by the Dome folks.

1. ARC finds a way to throw enough money at them they drop their opposition
2. Public outrage at the "Astrodome wreckers" worries the Texans/Rodeo enough that they back down, fearing a collapse in fan/customer support (the Rodeo seems particularly susceptible to this)
3. Behind the scenes arm-twisting by city and county power brokers, esp. on the Rodeo board of directors

Since it seems to be the way things are typically done in Houston, #3 seems the most likely, maybe with a little #1 and a threat of #2 thrown in.

Seems reasonable enough, though how likely any of it is I can't say. More on the fate of the Dome from Tom Kirkendall, Miya Shay, HouStoned, and Swamplot, who wins the award for Best Post Title, then follows it up with more fine snarkery. Check 'em out.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 03, 2007 to Elsewhere in Houston