November 19, 2007
Dan Barrett gets ParentPAC endorsement

Always good to see the Texas ParentPAC get involved in an election, especially considering their track record last year:

The bipartisan Texas Parent PAC today announced its endorsement of Dan Barrett for state representative in House District 97, which includes the cities of Fort Worth, Crowley, Benbrook, and Edgecliff Village.

"Dan Barrett is a skilled, experienced advocate who will stand up for the needs of schoolchildren and their parents," said Texas Parent PAC board member Pam Meyercord of Dallas. "He will be a courageous, independent legislator who acts in the public interest and steers clear of divisive partisan politics."

Meyercord said Barrett will work to change the way the state house does business so there is real progress on solving problems and less political bickering in Austin.

Texas Parent PAC was created to elect strong and effective state legislators who are committed to strengthening public schools. More than 700 parents and business leaders have contributed to support this grassroots political committee formed in 2005.

"Unlike his opponent, Dan Barrett opposes taking money away from public schools to fund private school tuition vouchers," said Ellen Jones of Euless, a Texas Parent PAC board member. "Barrett understands that Texas taxpayers cannot afford to subsidize private schooling through voucher schemes. Our limited state and local funds must be used to strengthen public schools in every neighborhood so children can succeed academically and their communities and families prosper."

The date for this runoff is December 18 - yes, one week before Christmas. You can imagine what the turnout will be like. BOR has more on Barrett, and on his strangely anti-CHIP opponent. Check it out, and if you feel so inclined, chip in a few bucks to Barrett's campaign.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 19, 2007 to Election 2007
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