December 09, 2007
Texas Progressive Alliance Silver Stars

What with preparations for Lights in the Heights and all, I never had a chance to blog about the 2007 Texan of the Year award, which my blogging colleagues and I with the Texas Progressive Alliance have been working on. This year, we're honoring more than one person. I'll let Vince explain:

For our Third Annual Texan of the Year Awards, the Texas Progressive Alliance elected to not only name a Texan of the Year-the Texan or Texans who contributed the most to the cause of the Progressive movement in 2007-but also recognize other Texans whose contributions were also important to the Progressive cause and worthy of recognition.

The Texan of the Year will be announced next Friday, December 14. Between now and then, the Texas Progressive Alliance will announce its list of Texans whose contributions to the progressive cause it believed worthy of special recognition. This begins today, with the announcement of the Texas Progressive Alliance's Silver Stars. Starting Monday, four additional "Gold Stars" will be announced followed by the TOY on Friday.

Click over to see the Silver Star winners. Congratulations to all for your fine work.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 09, 2007 to Blog stuff