January 01, 2008
How I spent (most of) my iTunes money

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions on how to spend my $15 iTunes gift card. I've bought ten songs so far, and since Michael asked in the comments what I bought, I thought I'd post an update. Here's what I got:

- Four songs by the Asylum Street Spankers - yes, I'm a completist: "I Am My Own Grandpa", "Funnel of Love", "Stinkin'", and "Goodbye, Cousin Early".

- "White Rabbit", by the Austin Lounge Lizards. Who knew there was so much not-on-CD music by my favorite artists out there? I know, I know, "everyone currently living in the 21st century". Humor me, OK? And may I say, nothing says psychedelia quite like some mad banjo-pickin'.

- "Vehicle", by the Ides of March. One of my favorite songs of all time, a staple of the MOB's repertoire, and which up until a couple of years ago I'd have bet my house had been done by Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Shows how much I know.

- "The Underdog", by Spoon. Recommended by the Chronicle and Chad Orzel. How could I go wrong? Taking some excellent advice from the comments to my initial post, I found it on YouTube and dug it, so I bought it. And they're a Texas band, too. Sweet.

- "LDN", by Lily Allen. My thanks to Mark Bankston for the recommendation.

- "Metro", by the Vincent Black Shadow. Olivia likes it, and so do I.

- "Fall Behind Me", by The Donnas. A song I discovered when I started tuning into KACC.

That's it so far. I received several recommendations for CDs, and I decided I'll spend a little of my Christmas money at the revitalized Cactus Records on some of those. On my wish list: "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse; "Icky Thump" by the White Stripes; the Springsteen/Seeger Sessions thing; maybe the "Knocked Up" soundtrack and the Once soundtrack (thanks, Matt); and there's still more stuff to check out from the comments. Oh, and a visit to Wasted Talent to fill that Judy's-sized hole in my collection, too. I'll let you know when I'm finished. Thanks again to all for the feedback.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 01, 2008 to Music

Mark Bankston suggested Dylan's "Modern Times." I own it and like it, but if you like Dylan and you want to go back a few years (ok, 20 years) get "Blood on the Tracks" instead. Or 30+ years and get "Highway 61 Revisited."

Posted by: Linkmeister on January 1, 2008 6:25 PM