April 15, 2008
At long last, he unites us

Via State of Mine, the news story that most amused me today.

President Bush has talked a lot about being a modern-day Harry Truman: a president who makes tough but unpopular decisions that will be appreciated by history, if not by his American contemporaries.

Well, now, Bush has passed Truman to set an ignominious record. He has become the president with the longest consecutive stretch of job-approval ratings below 50 percent since scientific public opinion polling was invented.

At 39 months, Bush passed Truman, who was on the wrong side of the populace for the last 38 months of his presidency.

With the 43rd president hovering around the 30 percent mark for job approval, it seems highly unlikely that he will crack the 50 percent level for the final nine months of his second term.

In the new poll, Bush's approval rate stood at 33 percent, just 1 percent age point above his all-time low. The President's approval rating has been relatively stable in ABC/Post polling; he hasn't topped 36 percent since November 2006.

You've heard of the Mendoza Line? I think we have its political equivalent here. Dallas, you're welcome to him.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 15, 2008 to National news