May 02, 2008
The Texas Justice Newsladder

With the news of yet another innocent man being released from prison in Dallas, this announcement from John Terzano of The Justice Project is timely.

A large part of our work involves educating citizens and criminal justice stakeholders about the serious problems and common-sense solutions in a way that creates an environment for reform. People need to know that these problems are not rare or isolated incidents. Stories like the one mentioned above are reported every day around the country, but all too often they reach a limited audience or wind up lost in the shuffle of other news coverage.

This is why we have helped launch The Justice NewsLadder, a new web site designed to make staying on top of developments in criminal justice reform easier. The Justice NewsLadder pulls together daily news articles, blog posts, videos and other media so that real-time information is readily accessible with the click of a mouse.

On The Justice NewsLadder, you'll find information about the problems of unreliable witness identification, false confessions, junk forensic science and more. You'll also find stories of people taking on the difficult work of making the system better.

In addition, we are launching a state-specific NewsLadder - the Texas Justice NewsLadder to provide information about Texas, where we are actively engaged in improving the state justice system.

If you have an interest in following criminal justice news stories, this should be a useful resource for you. Check it out.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 02, 2008 to Crime and Punishment