May 30, 2008
"The Sanctuary"

Those of you interested in immigration matters, here's a new blog for you: The Sanctuary. Their mission statement:

The Sanctuary is a grassroots effort of pro-migrant, human-rights, and civil-rights bloggers and on-line activists dedicated to the enactment of meaningful immigration reform that is practical, rational, fair and most of all humane.

The mission of The Sanctuary is to create a broad community of on-line activists, and translate digital activism into real-world, practical action.

By working in cooperation with mainstream organizations and advocacy groups involved in the struggle for immigrant and human rights, an issue-focused on-line community that facilitates direct communications and coordination between on-line activists, the new media, and those working daily in Washington, and on the ground to effect change, can be established.

Our goal is to allow all those working towards meaningful reform and migrant-rights to interact, share ideas, and coordinate their efforts to better facilitate change.

The Sanctuary is officially affiliated with no specific political party or organization, yet is unequivocally a pro-migrant endeavor, and as such, supports all efforts to work towards meaningful immigration reform ... both legislatively and at the ballot box.

It's a Soapblox site, so you can create an ID and add your own content. Check it out.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 30, 2008 to Blog stuff