July 12, 2008
Weekend link dump for July 12

Time for some more interesting links for the weekend...

Americans Against Cornholing.

Can Guitar Hero save the music industry (via)?

Tony Soprano is dead (via). If so, that probably means there is no Sopranos movie in the works.

However, the guy who did "The Wire" is apparently now aiming at Major League Baseball. I say he need to figure out a way to give Jim Bouton a role in that.

When Fox News is the story.

It doesn't really matter what The Bloggess writes about. Whatever it is, it cracks me up.

"Innumeracy", 20 years later.

Joss Whedon! Neil Patrick Harris! Nathan Filion! Fanboys everywhere give thanks.

Fiorina's fuzzy math. She's also a bit confused about where her preferred Presidential candidate stands on the issue of birth control.

The Top Ten Awesomely Bad Moments of the Perry Administration. Well, plus some honorable mentions. I couldn't limit it to just ten, either.

Dahlia Lithwick talks about the Supreme Court as a voting issue for Democrats.

A prenatal curriculum? I don't think so.

Obama does NASCAR. There's a Mark Penn joke in there somewhere, I just know it.

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