August 02, 2008
Weekend link dump for August 2

Get yer links on...

Happy 12th anniversary, Mike and Cathy!

The football offense of the future. Not to be confused with the ice cream of the future.

If you're the type that cries easily, you probably shouldn't read this. It is a really touching story, though, so maybe you should. Via Good Mom, Bad Mom.

Who are independent voters, and what do they want?

Is it just me, or has the whole Ronald Reagan deification thing gotten ridiculous?

Rush and the Rams? Ew.

There's fancy pants, and there's fancy pants. But where would slapstick comedy be then?

Rappin' physics. Seriously. You might learn something. Both this link and the one before come via the HMNS blog, whose "Science doesn't sleep" link roundups are awesome.

The world's oldest joke, as only The Bloggess can tell it.

The Real Freedom's Watch, via The Stakeholder.

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