August 16, 2008
Weekend link dump for August 16

Never gonna link you up...wait, that's not right...

Barack Roll. It had to happen sooner or later.

When identity politics backfire.

Gay Street and a Baptist church. Whatever you do, don't tell the American Family Association about this.

Once a straight-shooting maverick, always a straight-shooting maverick.

I may not know much about the situation in Georgia, but Greg Djerejian does, and he's not impressed with John McCain's reponse. By the way, you know that McCain's speech on the subject leaned heavily in Wikipedia, right?

The robot invasion comes to suburbia. I hope they remembered their stretchy rubber coverings

Is using Gmail as your business email solution a bad idea?

Rest in peace, Satchmo. Sadly, it looks like Unqualified Dog will meet you soon. Time to go give Harry a hug and a Milk Bone.

So glad that the missing snake has been found. Guess those lie detector testsweren't worth the effort.

Thank TiVo, I have never been forced to sit through one of these awful ads.

We as a nation are facing a serious shortage of Scandinavian sperm. Do either of the Presidential candidates have a plan to deal with this?

The True Story of Blackazoid. Have I mentioned how great it is to have Jesse Taylor back on the Internets? Because it truly is.

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