August 14, 2008
How much longer for the Alabama Bookstop?

Swamplot hears from a reader:

A reader notes that a sign offering "13,000 sq feet of restaurant/retail for lease" is up at the Alabama Bookstop, and asks if plans for the location have been announced.

There's no doubt that the space available is that of the Bookstop. Obviously, with the new Barnes and Noble coming and the old Borders nearby, this location is redundant as a book store. So the question, as posed by a commenter on that post is, what would you like to see there next? My answer, very simply, is "anything that uses the original Art Deco theater building", and not something that requires that building to be torn down. I just hope that Weingarten's utter indifference to the building's condition hasn't made that financially impossible to do.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 14, 2008 to Elsewhere in Houston

I miss the Alabama theater. I remember watching Rocky Horror and Revenge of the Jedi there.

While I'm reminiscing, I still can't believe Astroworld is gone.

Oh well, I guess that's why the Weingarten's moved from grocery stores to real estate.

Posted by: Ron in Houston on August 14, 2008 10:15 AM
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