August 30, 2008
Weekend link dump for August 30

These blogs were made for linking, that's what they're gonna do...

Obama-McGarry '08. It's more real than you might think.

Texas Criminal Justice By The Numbers.

Obama and economic clarity. Put simply, don't confuse selling with installing.

The worst owners in the NFL, via Ta-Nehisi Coates. You will be pleased and not very surprised to learn that Bob McNair is not on the list.

The chicken prank.

Calculus is craptastic.

The Bush Presidency: The first business cycle during which median household income in America falls from peak to peak.

Catblogging, Bloggess-style.

What does John McCain have in common with Pamela Anderson and Dr. Phil?

Score one for the nudists.

Charles Barkley is making sense.

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