September 07, 2008
Weekend link dump for September 7

He's grizzled maverick in need of a fresh start! She's a spunky young governor who doesn't play by the rules! Together, they post blog links. A day late, but what the heck.

What's so funny about sexy librarians?

Two explanations of "WootenGate". And where would we be if we didn't have the -Gate appellation to use as a crutch in any shorthand-scandal-description scenarios?

"Not even Dr. King dared to dream of an America where white people would vote against a black guy for listening to classical music on satellite radio while driving a Prius to a golf course that uses local water-conserving grasses."

What is the deal with semicolon hatred, anyway?

She gave a rousing speech for the base, but independents didn't like what Sarah Palin had to say. And at least one parent of a "special needs" child feels the same way.

The new Sparta.

Slogan contest!

Frak! And, um, brodeo? I'm feeling a "Get off my lawn!" moment coming.

Chad Ocho Cinco? For real? Am I the only one who thinks "Joltin' Joe Cinco" pales in comparison to the original? Admittedly, "Joltin' Joe Johnson" wouldn't have been anything to write home about, either. But still. "Chad Ocho Cinco"? Choose your uniform numbers wisely, kids, that's the lesson we learn here.

Baby soothing techniques. Basic carrying-and-walking-around generally worked pretty well with our girls. Olivia also liked being bounced on my knee, while it did nothing for Audrey.

For no particular reason, I did a little Google searching for my favorite obscure comic strip, "Arnold", which ran in the San Antonio Express News back in the day. I was apparently in college at exactly the right time, because according to Wikipedia, the strip only ran for five years, four of which overlapped my time in school. Here are a few old scanned strips, probably from 1983, the year before I discovered the strip, as I can see that the artwork is different than it was when I was reading. Enjoy!

And that somehow led me to Comics in my Pants. It's not Garfield Minus Garfield, but it's pretty funny.

Stop stonewalling, Sarah.

How The Bloggess deals with trolls. And gets interviewed.

Viking facts. But could they sneeze with their eyes open? That's what I want to know.

Wine Spectator gets pwned.

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