October 20, 2008
Still no love for the Ashby highrise

Missed this earlier, but Swamplot's eagle eye was on the case.

The developers of the Ashby high-rise sent their plans back to the city of Houston just days before Hurricane Ike hit, and not long after the Public Works Department resumed operations, Buckhead Investment Partners were rejected for a seventh time.

Records show the plans were filed again Sept. 11, seven days after being returned. They were denied a remaining permit again Sept. 29.

In his comments, city engineer Mark Loethen said plans for a driveway permit contained no revisions and there was "no current justification" for restriping plans on Bissonnet Boulevard at Ashby Drive.

The controversial development at 1717 Bissonnet St. has cleared six of seven departmental reviews, but still lacks clearance from Public Works and Engineering's traffic section.

Here's the previous update. Given that the Ashby developers are unlikely to give up and go away, it seems there are two possible outcomes for this. One is that those developers eventually get mad and sue the city for stringing them along, and the other is that the city eventually approves their permit request. Which may lead to another lawsuit getting filed, but would still likely be the simpler option.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on October 20, 2008 to Elsewhere in Houston

Reality is the city is applying a standard per an ordinance that it has not applied and is not appplying to other developers.

It is nothing short of harassment by the city which has chosen to pander to a couple of partners with a prominent law firm.

Reality is Southampton and Boulevard Oaks has gained a rather unpleasant reputation if for nothing else than its hypocrisy. Particularly the hypocrisy of elected officials who said "too bad" to two other developments in the area but chose to refuse to allow this one. One can only hope that Sunset becomes a horrible nightmare as a result of the Medical Clinic of Houston - as for Sonoma it appears the financing isn't there and wasn't there when the city decided to sell a street and cause even worse gridlock in the process.

It isn't who you know at City Hall that matters. It's who you've bought.

The developers didn't buy anyone. That really is the problem.

Posted by: Baby Snooks on October 20, 2008 12:11 PM
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