October 26, 2008
Weekend link dump for October 26

Have you voted yet? Early voting ends on Friday. Thus endeth the message, now here come the links.

Stayin' alive, literally.

New frontiers in physics, McCain-style.

Vito Fossella, the soon-to-be-former Congressman from my hometown, was convicted of drunk driving in Virginia.

Why the Texans should fire their defensive coordinator.

Times are tough for lawyers.

Burma Shave!

How Sarah Palin did on SNL.

Kill your blog? Like Dwight, I say no thanks. Via McGuff.

Is David Bradley the SBOE's Big Bully? All signs point to "Yes". Vote Laura Ewing!

How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin. I have a feeling that's a story that will told many times, by many different people, in the coming months.

KTRK profiles Skelly versus Culberson. Props to KTRK, they've given a lot of attention to this race.

Remember that huge donation T. Boone Pickens made to his alma mater, Oklahoma State, for its athletic program? Turns out much of that money is gone thanks to some bad investment decisions Pickens made. And OSU may be on the hook for the loss. Ouch.

More on the San Antonio term limits referendum.

Meet America's oldest college basketball player.

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