November 12, 2008
One more for the Dynamo Stadium bandwagon

The Chron's Jerome Solomon picks up the Dynamo Stadium ball.

We are wise to be skeptical of claims about sports stadiums spurring economic development -- these stadiums seem to spur more growth of the owners' bank accounts than anything -- so don't buy that.

UH takes half the profits from parking and concessions for Dynamo games, and the Dynamo want the full $10 bucks from those Black Iguana Margarita sales. Capitalism.

It's a business, but there is nothing wrong with fans pushing to get what their team wants. It works in every other sport, and Dynamo ownership has offered to pay some 75 percent of the stadium cost.

A couple of organizations were at Robertson asking fans to sign petitions in support of a new stadium on the east side of downtown.

This sounds like a go, assuming the city gets assurances that HISD teams will be allowed access to the stadium for football and soccer and TSU gets a proper fit to use the stadium.

I think he's a little unclear about what the holdup is here - the city has made a commitment, but Commissioners Court has not - but he's on board anyway. I'll just note that if you agree with this sentiment, it's never a bad idea or a bad time to contact your elected representatives and let them know. Unless you really do want to know what Plan B is, of course.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 12, 2008 to Other sports
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