December 03, 2008
Chuck walks

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by this.

Former Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal will not face any criminal charges, his appointed successor announced today after an eight-month investigation.

In a press release, Interim District Attorney Ken Magidson said he accepted an offer by the Texas Attorney General's Office to assist in the investigation to avoid any conflict on interest.

The investigation focused on whether there was prosecutable criminal misconduct in Rosenthal's use of government resources, including office e-mails, relating to political activities.

"After a careful and independent review of this matter, I have determined that there is insufficient evidence for prosecution," Magidson said.

The declaration effectively ends any possibility of charges for Rosenthal's actions during the downward spiral of his last months in office.

Which is to say it effectively and officially brings the Rosenthal era to a close. I feel like there should be a ceremony or something to mark the occasion, but I don't know what it should be. Any suggestions?

Background on the AG's investigation is here. Texas Watchdog has the full press release. And in case you missed it last week, Rosenthal was the cover boy and the 2008 Turkey of the Year for the Houston Press. Go ahead, indulge in a little Romancethal nostalgia. It may be the last good chance you get.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 03, 2008 to Crime and Punishment

In the oh-by-the-way category --> It's not necessarily over. Just because Magidson chose not to prosecute doesn't mean Lykos can't. Magidson announced inufficient evidence (I htink) not that there was no criminal statute implicated. The statute of limitations has not run and nothing preculsed Lykos come January 1st from re-opening the investigation.

Posted by: Qeenie on December 4, 2008 11:01 AM
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