January 02, 2009
Straus for Speaker?

As you know, today is the day of the ABC meeting, in which a consensus candidate for Speaker is supposed to emerge. According to Harvey Kronberg, we have ourselves a Speaker alternative:


Reliable sources tell QR, the eleven Republicans have picked San Antonio Rep. Joe Straus as their candidate.

That's interesting, because speculation had shifted to Plano Rep. Brian McCall after he filed his paperwork for a Speaker candidacy this afternoon. I know Rep. Straus is generally well-regarded, and frankly if I had to pick among the Republicans he'd have been close to the top of my list, but he's not exactly long-serving - he won a 2005 special election to replace former Rep. Elizabeth Ames Jones, who had been appointed to the Railroad Commission. Burka, in a writeup of each ABC's credentials for the Speakership, said "Straus has a great political future, but speaker in 2009 is too much too soon". Well, if Kronberg's sources are correct, we'll find out soon enough. Keep an eye on Kronberg and Elise Hu, who's been staking out the ABC meeting, for more.

UPDATE: Corroboration comes from Rep. Pena on Twitter.

UPDATE: And now Gary Scharrer reports it as well.

Straus quickly filed his official paperwork after the group unanimously turned to the San Antonio lawmaker, who arrived in the state House after a 2005 special election.

"It's gratifying to have the support of fellow Republican members who are committed to moving past this difficult spot that all House members have been in for a long time," Straus said. "We are going to be making calls over the weekend to show our solidarity. and our commitment.

Game on, y'all.

UPDATE: Burka is dubious, while his commenters go bat$#!+. Elise has video. Vince hates this development and disagrees with my take on it. I'll leave the last word to Rep. Garnet Coleman.

"This is a choice made by Republicans. All we would be doing in reality is saying, 'yea' or 'nay' on that choice," Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston, said Friday afternoon.

All I know is we can't afford another session with Tom Craddick in charge. I did everything I could last year to get him out of that position. I wanted that done with a Democratic majority in the House, but I say that goal was a worthy one even having fallen short. I see no reason to back off now.

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Just posted some Straus video after they emerged:

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