January 06, 2009
No Heights Village

Missed this last week.

[Bobby Orr] was planning a mixed-use project on Heights Boulevard, but his prospective residential partner couldn't get financing.

Now he's put the 5-acre tract on the market.

"The timing wasn't right," he said.

That project, called Heights Village, was just north of the train tracks at Center Street, between Heights and Yale, just south of I-10. I was just driving by there the other day and was wondering what its status was; now I know. John wrote about it a year ago when it first appeared on the radar; Swamplot reminds us what it was about. I think John had the right take - it was a nice sounding idea that could have been something better. But alas, now it's nothing again. Maybe whoever buys the lot will have more luck.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 06, 2009 to Elsewhere in Houston
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