January 11, 2009
Weekend link dump for January 11

Blah blah blah linkposts...

48% of Americans spend at least an hour a day on the internet. The remaining 52% lie about how much time they spend on it. Via Racy Mind.

Please, in the name of all that is holy, no more Bushes for President! Even if Jeb is supposed to be "the smart one".

I'm sure someone will want to buy The Big Bopper's casket. I'm just not sure why.

Only 34 percent of Texans polled in a University of Texas survey approved of Bush's handling of the presidency, with just under 10 percent approving "strongly.'' By contrast, 55 percent disapproved, with 38.7 percent strongly disapproving. How the mighty have fallen. They're even tiring of him in Highland Park.

Obsidian Wings observes the one-year anniversary of the death of Andy Olmsted.

Is that a fence to keep people out or to keep them in?

You gotta hate it when this happens.

The US Air Force is keeping a close eye on what bloggers are saying about them, and plans to push back aggressively in comments as needed.

The Bush years, by the numbers. Now I'm all depressed.

Are we sure there isn't a Texasaurus Rex out there somewhere?

Yet another reason to look forward to the change in State House leadership.

Twittersquatting. It's always something, isn't it? Via Dwight.

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