January 09, 2009
More on the Handmade Toy Alliance

Just to follow up on my earlier post about the Handmade Toy Alliance and their efforts to modify the Consumer Protection and Safety Act (CPSIA) from last year, here's a story my cousin Jill's local paper ran about her business and participation in this group.

The crafters are asking for two concessions from the government: exemption for natural products and adoption of component testing, which would allow artisans to use certifications from their materials suppliers instead of paying for tests of each product.

"With those two things many of us can stay in business," said Chuckas.

The Handmade Toy Alliance is hoping that as the government works to implement the law, those concessions will be made.

"We fully support all government efforts to safeguard consumers and reduce their exposure to lead and other materials that could affect their health and safety," stated Chuckas. "We also acknowledge that our membership, and thousands of other similar small businesses throughout the country, have been setting and adhering to high safety standards in children's products for many years."

Go here to learn more about this effort if you'd like to help.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 09, 2009 to National news
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