January 18, 2009
Weekend link dump for January 18

Our long national nightmare is finally almost over...

With all due respect to the estimable James Fallows, I find that my visceral dislike of out outgoing President comes as easily as it ever did.

Why in the name of all that is holy is anyone still paying attention to this clown? Oh, and Atrios is right about how we lefties perceive him.

Is this really a good use of the US Marshals Service?

Heckuva job, Cornie!

I think if you can crack a botnet, you should be able to take action to make it stop. If there are legal considerations, they should be dealt with. The chance to do good is too much to pass up. Via Dwight.

A reply-to-all mail storm at the State Department. I can't believe people still do that.

Find a bar near your train station. Brilliant! Unfortunately, in Phoenix, not here. But still brilliant. Via Atrios.

As we know, the Texas House was distinctly lacking in dramatics to start the session. So Tennessee picked up the slack for us.

A Short History of the Modern GOP, Told With Hugh Hewitt Books. I'm still upset that How Sarah Palin Won the Election and Saved America never found a publisher.

Someone once said that real fame was to be the answer to a crossword puzzle clue. That's pretty cool, but I think this tops it.

So would being a question on "Jeopardy!". Hopefully, though, one would be remembered for something, well, more memorable.

Once again, there is no problem, from economic malaise to the heartbreak of psoriasis, for which Republicans will not propose more tax cuts as the solution. It's the only trick they have in their bag.

Some criminal justice-related bills that have been filed so far.

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