January 24, 2009
HIWI presents "Ike: The Book"

The folks at ttweak, who created Houston: It's Worth It, have an announcement. From their press release:

Dear HIWI contributors and fans,

Thanks to all of you, we have had not one, but two, extremely successful holiday seasons with HIWI: The Book. Also, HIWI will soon be available at the Hudson bookstores at Houston's Intercontinental and Hobby Airports; don't forget to tell your traveling guests.

On account of this sustained HIWI interest and momentum, we feel it necessary to come out with a new book - an Ike remembrance - to remind Houstonians that, despite the occasional natural disaster, our city is still very much "worth it."

Obviously this subject is still an open wound for many of our neighbors and we don't want to be insensitive to those who still have a long road of recovery ahead. Rather, we want to highlight the camaraderie and support brought about in the storm's aftermath - refrigerator cookouts/recipes, extension cord jungles, and neighborhood cleanups. Tell us your stories or poems, dig up a "day ten without power" journal entry, find that song you penned by candlelight and of course, send us your photographs (even those taken on your iPhone or BlackBerry); if you made a hurricane song playlist, go ahead and send that too.

Basically, we want to present a more personal account of Hurricane Ike - from the perspective of those who lived through it, not just from The Galveston Daily News or Houston Chronicle.

Thanks again for making HIWI a success, you are indeed the city's greatest ambassadors.

Deadline Friday, February 13
Questions? Email [email protected] or phone 713.942.0722

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 24, 2009 to Elsewhere in Houston
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