February 22, 2009
Weekend link dump for February 22

It's the birthday edition link dump. Because the older you get, the longer your birthday lasts.

If only Lois Lane had had access to facial recognition software.

The Ridiculous Food Society of Upstate New York. They seem to like bacon. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Via Alison Cook.

Oil Can Boyd!

Stop listening to Suze Orman. I confess, I never started.

What impact did A-Rod's steroid use have on his home run performance? Most likely, almost none.

Remember how, after the Supreme Court ruling that awarded the Presidency in 2000 to Dubya, Republicans everywhere advised us Democrats to "get over it", lest we be branded as sore losers? Boy, those were the days.

Recycling, George Will-style. Who knew punditing was such hard work? He also does irony. Meanwhile, his editors enable his behavior. Anything to keep him from having another tantrum, I guess.

What is the deal with Republicans and copyright infringement?

Once again, Bill in Portland, Maine demonstrates that it really is possible to make fun of President Obama.

I just stumbled across the word "breastaurant". I think I was better off not knowing.

Among other things, Rep. Pete Sessions is a tool. And an idiot.

Palin-Perry 2012! Why double down when you can triple down? Or even triple-dog down?

RIP, Socks the Cat.

Roger Ebert remembers Gene Siskel ten years after his death. It's really touching.

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