March 15, 2009
Weekend link dump for March 15

Beware The Ides Of March...

Why we immunize. The post is from last month, but there's no bad time to be reading that. Don't click on some of the photo links if you have a weak constitution.

Giant armadillos!

When robot love is outlawed, only outlaws will love robots. Or something like that.

GOP RFP fail.

More office conversations should be like this.

So investing Social Security funds in the stock market would have been a great idea, wouldn't it?

ZOMG! The Establishment! Aaaieee! (Wait, I'm a middle-aged middle-class married white guy. Aren't I supposed to be The Establishment? Just as well I'm not.)

"Diaper Dave" Vitter is now also known as "Airport Rage" Vitter. Quite the Renaissance man.

Now this is fame.

If Frank Miller drew "Peanuts". Via Oliver Willis.

Given the present chaos, shouldn't we be asking if business education is not just a waste of time, but actually damaging to our economic health? Via Brian Linse.

Let them find real jobs.

Quick, call Buffy and the Scooby gang!

Bad paintings of Barack Obama. Have I mentioned lately that I love the Internet? Because I do.

Apparently, raising funds for the Bush Library at SMU has been a tough job. Well, we always knew presidenting was hard work.

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