April 12, 2009
Weekend link dump for April 12

Mmm...baseball season...life is good...

When Bill O'Reilly and David Horowitz are acting as voices of reason, you know things have really gotten out of hand.

I don't care if broccoli can prevent cancer. I still hate it and won't eat it.

The Chia Obama. Really now, do I have to say any more? Not available in stores, as they say. Via John.

Kumar Goes To The White House.

No more DRM in iTunes. I just hope the songs I've been waiting to buy so I could get them DRM-free haven't gotten more expensive.

Oh, and aparently Amazon is keeping up with iTunes. And they were always DRM-free, so they're just raising prices because they can. Bummer.

I'm with Pete. That's a direction the "Twilight" franchise really needs to take.

It's nice that Washington Post reporters and weatherbloggers are willing to call out George Will for his repeated and unrepentant lying about global warming. The real question is why do editors across the country and especially at the Post enable him to lie on their pages in the first place. What does a guy like that have to do to be disqualified from being a pundit?

What's your quarterback's Cutler number?

Apparently, Norm Coleman = Al Gore. It's so hard to keep up these days.

The Burleson Tea Party is gonna be awesome.

We live in a very strange world where increases are reported as cuts.

Stories like this are a big part of the reason why I was hopeful about the promise of municipal WiFi, and why I still hope something like it will happen.

Ebert v. O'Reilly. Watch out for an ambush, Roger!

"They are not tea parties. They are tea tantrums."

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