May 10, 2009
Weekend link dump for May 10

M is for the many links she brought me...

I know we've never gotten those flying cars that were promised us. But I could settle for an invisible car.

Wanna buy the original recipe for Dr Pepper?

Leave Janet Jackson's nipple aloooooooooone!

Our Republicans may be crazy here in Texas, but even they aren't quite as crazy as Oklahoma Republicans. As far as we know, anyway.

"Why would you promote Sessions?"

From the cold case files: Gauguin and Van Gogh.

I know exactly how Joe the Plumber feels. I personally don't allow egregious, phony rightwing hacks anywhere near my children. I'm sure he'd be understanding about that.

Does your Congressperson really represent your district? Here's one way to tell.

You know, I'd often wondered just what exactly it is Paris Hilton does all day. And I'm still wondering.

I was disinclined to believe a lot of the latest A-Rod allegations anyway. Now I'm glad to see that this inclination was perfectly justified.

How the Texas GOP thinks.

Twitter @reply spam. Had to happen sooner or later.

Translating "Garfield" into Japanese and then back into English. Somewhat more hilarity than you get with unadulterated "Garfield" results.

Eat faster, weigh more. Maybe.

Note to any city of Houston employees who might be in possession of naughty pictures of themselves or a coworker: Do not hide said naughty pictures in the ceiling tiles of the Mayor's office. That trick never works.

A legislative agenda for moms.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone. Now put this blog down and go call your Mom already.

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