May 06, 2009
No sunset for SBOE

Well, that's too bad.

Just yesterday the Texas House approved on second reading House Bill 710, which would have made the Texas State Board of Education subject to periodic review by the Sunset Advisory Commission. That vote was 74-68. But the House just voted down the measure on third reading, 71-73. Only one Republican crossed the aisle to vote for HB 710.

The vote came after religious conservatives -- rallied by a virtual "who's who" of right-wing pressure groups -- bombarded House offices with e-mails and phone calls opposing this common-sense bill. That pressure campaign didn't surprise us -- far-right groups have been thrilled that the state board is controlled by ideologues who keep dragging public schools into the culture wars. But the vote should be terribly disappointing for parents and other taxpayers who are tired of extremists using the State Board of Education as a playground for promoting ideological agendas.

That means we're gonna have to beat 'em at the ballot box, starting next year with Cynthia Dunbar. An equivalent to the Texas Parent PAC for the SBOE, to facilitate going after those who need to be taken out in a GOP primary, would be nice. Elise has more.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 06, 2009 to Show Business for Ugly People
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