May 15, 2009
Friday random ten: Couldn't stand getting metaphysical

Time for your weekly dose of random music. Ready, set...

1. Banish Misfourtune/Rabbit's Moon - Paisley Close
2. My Manda - The Mollys
3. Couldn't Stand The Weather - Stevie Ray Vaughan
4. Let's Get Metaphysical - David Gilmour
5. What Are You At? - Great Big Sea
6. Something So Right - Paul Simon
7. I Gotcha - Joe Tex
8. Her Modesty - Trish & Darin
9. Variations on a Theme by Eric Satie - Blood, Sweat, and Tears
10. Sometimes A River - String Cheese Incident

Today is an exciting day at our house, as Olivia's preschool has its gradution ceremony/party for the kids and their parents. Olivia's been telling us for weeks about the music they've been rehearsing for it. I'm about to find out just what's in store for us. She'll continue to be at the school through the summer, but will be saying good-bye to some friends now and many more in a couple of months as most of them will be going to other schools for kindergarten. She's eager to move up, but I know she'll miss her friends, and hasn't realized what that means yet. It's going to be an eventful year, that's for sure. None of this has anything to do with music, of course, but it is the backdrop for today. What are you listening to?

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19th Nervous Breakdown, The Rolling Stones
Just In Time, Frank Sinatra
Treat Me Rough (Stereo & Extended Version from the film 'Girl Crazy', 1943), June Allyson, Mickey Rooney
Because, The Beatles (Love)
Evergreen (Love Theme from"A Star Is Born"), Barbra Streisand
When I Paint My Masterpiece, The Band
Young Man Blues, The Who
Lyin' Eyes, The Eagles
Think About Me (Single Version), Fleetwood Mac
Alabama Rain, Jim Croce

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