The Press comes a-blogging

You can’t tell from their front page, but if you look inside, you can see that the Houston Press is hopping on board the blog express.


Attention, local bands: We want your music. Yeah, your garage demos, your next hit single and your “recorded live at Rudz” secret track that only your real fans know about. Genre be damned — if it’s local and listenable (or not listenable, but if we can stand it), your mp3s will be featured on our new blog.

That’s right, in the very near future, the Press will join the blogosphere. You can expect everything you find here — in-depth news coverage, music, arts, dining, events and more — plus coverage on sports and pop culture. Keep a lookout, and if you’ve got a hot tip on just about anything, send it to [email protected].

Good for them, I’m looking forward to their effort. I hope it will be a true blog in the sense that they will engage with other Houston bloggers. They’ve already got their print content online. This should be more than just a section of non-print copy. We’ll see.

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