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More recycling coming

Good news.

The city is poised to expand its automated recycling program to an additional 50,000 households, allowing roughly 1 in 5 Houstonians the opportunity to put paper, plastic, soda cans and glass into one wheeled trash-can-sized bin instead of a garbage can.


About $2.8 million in federal stimulus dollars paid for the new green bins. The remaining expansion of the automated single-stream recycling program, which comes with a $28 million price tag, is expected to be paid for as the city saves money from not having to pay for landfill space and selling recycled materials.

The target date for new neighborhoods to begin being added is April 5. No indication in the story or on the city’s recycling page as to which neighborhoods will be added. The new biodegradable bag ordinance will generate some of the savings that will help pay for the expanded recycling. KUHF has more.

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