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Endorsement watch: AWA and AFL-CIO

More endorsements of the mostly-judicial variety for you to ponder, from the Association of Women Attorneys and the Harris County AFL-CIO. The 2010 Elections page has been updated to reflect these recommendations. Note that there were a few dual endorsements handed out, as well as a few races that were skipped, and note also that the AWA touted picks in the GOP primaries as well.

Again, just to reiterate, my policy on these is that more information is better than less, so if I come across a press release or similar document from a reputable source that lists out their endorsements, I’ll publish them as long as time and space allow. You can make of them what you will – it’s entirely rational to decide that a given endorsement may make you less likely to vote for a particular candidate, for example. What I know is that there’s a lot of candidates in these races, and the more I can learn about them, the more confident I’ll feel about my choices when I’m in the voting booth.

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