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John Cornyn sounds like a Democrat

To be more precise, he’s saying something many Democrats around here have been saying for a long time.

Days before the president visits Austin and Dallas for Democratic fundraisers, Cornyn lashed out at Obama for focusing his Texas visit on politics over public policy.

“I think the president is just using Texas as an ATM,” Cornyn said.

Yes, the national party has done this to Texas for years. Of course, when we Dems complain about this large outflow of cash, it’s because we want a lot more of it to come back here to bolster our candidates. I kinda doubt that’s what Big Bad John had in mind with his carping, but we appreciate the support nonetheless.

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  1. Robert Nagle says:

    Hopefully the National Popular Vote reform movement will cause national politicians to regard Texas as more than just an ATM machine. Care to speculate on how long it will take to pass the Texas legislature?

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