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Sumners v Sullivan?

Well, this would be entertaining.

County tax assessor-collector Don Sumners thinks Houston City Councilman Mike Sullivan may be preparing to take a run at him in next year’s GOP primary, and Sullivan isn’t denying it.

Sumners took a swipe or two at Sullivan without referring to him by name at a recent Greater Houston Pachyderm Club luncheon at which Sullivan was in the audience. When asked about the luncheon, Sumners said he made the digs because, “I needed to know so I could take action right away.”

When asked what action that might be, Sumners said, “Basically, I’d start beating up on him right away.”

Sullivan said he plans to be in the city secretary’s office the moment filing begins on Aug. 8 for City Council races. Sullivan said he will run for a third two-year term as the District E councilman, after which he would be termed out of office.

“I’m not ruling it out,” Sullivan said when asked if he was considering a run for tax assessor. “I have been approached by a number of people in the community to run for tax assessor- collector, but at this time, I’m focused solely on running for re-election to the City Council.”

Sumners is the Abe Simpson of local politics. Sullivan is less cranky but still perfectly willing to say whatever is on his mind. Put them together in a primary and the entertainment potential is very high. In the end, of course, it will be best if a good Democratic candidate beats whoever wins that primary – I have some thoughts about who I would like to see enter that race, as you know – but we can certainly enjoy this prospect in the meantime.

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