March 14, 2002
Samizdata responds

Samizdata Illuminatus (Arkham) responds to my tax protester followup, in which I take him to task for assigning credibility to We the People. I'd also received a very polite note from Illuminatus/Arkham (how should I address you, anyway?) about this. I/A says that I misrepresented him; he says he agrees with me that WtP have no legal credibility.

In retrospect, I think he's right. I was too harsh on him here. I guess I didn't think he'd disavowed them strongly enough. That's hairsplitting and it's not really fair. I still maintain that Dale Amon did more than merely point out what WtP are saying, and I stand by my response to Joshua Trevino, but I retract my criticism of Illuminatus/Arkham. I appreciate the feedback, and I hope this sets the record straight.

(Yes, I'm up really late. Too much caffeine between sessions at the bridge tournament, I'm afraid.)

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 14, 2002 to Skepticism