November 14, 2002
What Houston and Racine have in common

Kevin points me to this Instapundit piece about a rave bust in Racine, WI, where the police ticketed nearly 450 attendees and busted 3 others for drugs. He compares it to the K-Mart Kiddie Roundup in terms of the ratio of police effort expended to results acheived.

I have to say, Glenn's grasp of the facts of the Houston case was a bit shaky. He first mentioned that he "[seemed] to recall that the Houston police chief wound up losing his job over this" but wasn't sure. Later, he mentions that Chief C.O. "BAMF" Bradford stepped down over a perjury charge, but didn't mention that this was actually unrelated to the K-Mart incident.

Glenn, Glenn, Glenn...If only you'd done a Google search on +houston +k-mart +"drag racing", you'd have found a veritable treasure trove of information. Better luck next time, bubbe.

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