January 25, 2005
Cowboys for Clean Cement

Here's an interesting suggestion to clean up the air in Dallas: Enlist America's Team in the fight against polluting cememnt plants.

Public money will buy cement for the [Dallas Cowboys'] new football stadium. Public financing is intended to be for the public good. Midlothian's cement production practices do not qualify as public good. They do not deserve Arlington's taxpayer money.

State-of-the-art, publicly financed stadiums should be built with the best available, state-of-the art, pollution-controlled cement. Anything less will make the Cowboys accomplices to these cement makers' relentless assault on local public health.


Money, and the prospect of losing it, is the only language that Midlothian's polluters understand. If we are serious about improving regional air quality, county commissioners, city council members, developers, shoppers at Home Depot -- and even Jerry Jones -- should ask how their cement is made and at whose expense.

Consumers can draw a line in concrete and declare with their purchasing power that Midlothian's smokestacks must clean up -- now.


As a partner with Arlington, the Cowboys are stewards of public money. They have an opportunity to champion local health by setting high standards for their cement supplier.

In doing so, they would score a huge win for families in Dallas-Fort Worth's red zone.

Economic boycotts have a mixed record, but getting the Dallas Cowboys to agree to not buy cement from local manufacturers until they improve their air quality record would be quite a coup. I have no idea if this proposal will be taken seriously or not, but it is the sort of thing that can capture the imagination. Worth a shot, that's for sure. Thanks to Tom B for the tip.

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