August 05, 2005
"Draft Sharp" website

I suppose this was inevitable. I don't know what the main driver is in his run/don't run decisionmaking process, but I kind of doubt that a "Draft John Sharp" website would have that much effect. I suppose it may give him some inkling as to what kind of support already exists, depending on how widely known it becomes. Maybe.

That said, and speaking as a Chris Bell supporter, I say come on in if that's what he wants. Having a contested primary means news, and that means more coverage for the Democrats, who aren't in the position to generate it on their own for the most part. Ideally, it means one more person out there making the case against Rick Perry. Finally, if Bell isn't the candidate that I think he is, better I should find out now than next August. Sharp isn't my first choice to be the nominee, but he's still a million times better than Perry, and that's what it's all about.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 05, 2005 to Election 2006 | TrackBack

Kuff, a Sharp candidacy would greatly increase media attention and interest in the democratic primary. The democrats could use that, as it certainly looks at this time like all the attention will be focused on the Perry-Strayhorn contest, and democratic money is already helping to fund Strayhorn's campaign ( just as gop money went into statewide dem primary contests back before Texas followed its move into the national gop column by going gop on the state and local level.)

Even if the dems could only talk Sharp into a token primary candidacy, he could pull some of that back for the democrats.

Posted by: ttyler5 on August 5, 2005 5:28 PM

I think Sharp would do more than increase attention on a Demo primary. He has the record and network to make folks believe a D can actually win. That would boost excitement and keep any Ds that might be tempted to vote for Strayhorn -- or worse yet, Kinky -- from wandering off over that cliff.

Posted by: Dan Barlett on August 5, 2005 9:03 PM

Sharp lost TWICE for lt gov and now y'all want him to run for Gov. Isn't that like failing first grade twice and wanting the principal to put you into second.

Posted by: Burt Levine on August 5, 2005 10:10 PM


What record?!?!?!?

Posted by: Greg Wythe on August 5, 2005 11:28 PM

Check out his vote totals, though, and then compare to that banker guy from west Texas who ran last time.

Posted by: ttyler5 on August 5, 2005 11:51 PM

ttyler5 is right. Greg's silly question about Sharp's record deserves no response, but for you, Burt, the obvious question is, who do you propose as an alternative?

Posted by: Grand Prairie D on August 6, 2005 9:07 AM

Yeah, silly me. When I read things like "He has the record and network to make folks believe a D can actually win." I immediately check the history books to note that he lost in 2002 and he lost in 1998. The "record" speaks!

Posted by: Greg Wythe on August 6, 2005 3:32 PM

Greg, for my own part, I wasn't suggesting he could win, I am just pointing out he can do better and of course this would help in down-ballot state and local races.

The dems are also bleeding from the Strayhorn campaign, dem money is going into that contest. As noted elsewhere, nothing new about this, the reps used to contribute to dem guv primary candidates before Texas moved into the gop column. But of course, primary turnout contributes to fall turnout.

Posted by: ttyler5 on August 6, 2005 4:42 PM

Thank you Greg.

Posted by: Burt Levine on August 6, 2005 5:52 PM

I think some folks may be going over-board on the, "once you loose, you can never win" talk. As someone who supported Ken Bentsen for US Senate, I don't consider myself a Sharp lover, but I do think some folks are jumping the gun on his chances.

Richard Nixon is a good example of someone who had to wait for their time to come (which, incidentaly, was the most horrible Presidency ever). I believe that the field is open for a number of candidates, but the one I definitely think is hurting is Gov. Perry. Does anyone know a Republican that actually likes his leadership? Curious, my 'gun-luv'n redneck' GOP crew even says that don't support the mofo.

Posted by: Red Dog on August 10, 2005 8:55 AM