December 09, 2005
Choose carefully, Talmadge

What's it going to be, Talmadge Heflin? The Lottery or the Legislature? You can't do both.

Former state Rep. Talmadge Heflin, a Houston Republican who lost his bid for a 12th term by a scant 16 votes last year, was an 11th-hour entry into the hunt to replace former director Reagan Greer after Lottery Commission Chairman C. Thomas Clowe encouraged him to apply last month. At least eight other applicants had made it to the final round of interviews before Heflin was asked to apply.


Clowe said that he hoped that both he and [fellow Commissioner Jim] Cox could interview the ex-lawmaker before the next Lottery Commission meeting Dec. 15. The commission is a three-member panel, but one position is vacant.

Clowe said Heflin would have to abandon any thoughts of running for his old House seat if he accepts the lottery post.


Clowe said no action will be taken on the matter until he is certain that the right candidate has been found.

"Haste is really not what's important here," he said. "Making the right decision is the important matter."

So they hope to meet with Heflin in the next few days. One can only presume that the question of whether or not Heflin will want to run for HD149 again will come up. I suppose Clowe and Cox could agree to let Heflin know as soon as possible if he's their frontrunner or not, which may give him the time to file by January 2 if that's his better option. They may also be unable or unwilling to make him any promises in time for the deadline.

The choice is yours, Talmadge. Choose wisely. Link via Greg.

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