March 21, 2006
Report from the METRO meeting on the Universities rail line

Robin Holzer attended the Metro meeting on the Universities light rail line and gives a report on what happened. Read the whole thing, as it's more detailed than the Chron story (note to Rad Sallee: Robin is a girl, not a boy) or the ridiculously lightweight KTRK piece (give them credit, though - at least they had something), but in particular note this:

[D]istrict City Council members are convening nine smaller meetings in April in neighborhoods all along the corridor. And METRO will start the federally-required public meeting process soon after.

If you're wondering whether you should participate in this process, you should, and Mayor White explained it best: "You are participating in an important process of building Houston for the next generation."

Indeed. Attend and be heard.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 21, 2006 to Planes, Trains, and Automobiles | TrackBack

Gina took me to Kennealy's last night to distract me from going to this thing. Because as we all know, pub pizza is much more important than watching angry people yelling at each over wasting a third of a billion dollars on something we don't need somewhere we don't need it.

Posted by: Laurence Simon on March 21, 2006 8:58 AM

I am so sick and tired of all the fuss about MetroRail. I travel quite a bit on business and what always strikes me about the cities I visit is that they have an established mass transit system. If Houston is ever to live up to its potential then it needs to step up (or away from) the pump and put into place a viable and reliable mass transit system. Folks the verdict is in and we are rapidly approaching "peak oil" territory. Mass transit is the way to go to conserve our finite fossil fuels. I know the oil interests (also their lackeys in the Republican Party) would have you believe that oil will last forever and it won't. They ignore the iceberg (or let it melt due to greenhouse gasses) like the skipper of the Titanic. Just remember it was Tom Delay, among others, who opposed rail and just ask yourself if you want to be on the same side that he is on. Have a nice day.

Posted by: Sue Dorrell on March 21, 2006 9:38 AM