June 24, 2006
More trouble for Six Flags

First Astroworld, now, well, see for yourself.

Theme park owner Six Flags said it could sell or even close six of its 30 properties across North America, although the company's flagship operation in Arlington was not on the list.


The six properties being examined for possible changes include Six Flags Darien Lake outside Buffalo, New York; Six Flags Waterworld in Concord, California; Six Flags Elitch Gardens in Denver; Wild Waves and Enchanted Village outside Seattle; Six Flags Splashtown in Houston; and Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor near Los Angeles.

The company said it can't predict for certain whether any transactions will occur. It could sell the properties outright or dismantle the parks and sell the land for its real estate value.

Sorry about that, Splashtown fans. I figure the new Schlitterbahn park down in Galveston is doing them no favors. We'll see what happens. Thanks to Kimberly for the heads-up.

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