September 14, 2006
Conroe still coming after the Woodlands

Just wanted to note the latest chapter in the Conroe annexing the Woodlands saga.

In the tug of war over a neighborhood in The Woodlands, Conroe Mayor Tommy Metcalf has offered another annexation proposal to protect Harper's Landing from becoming a part of the city.

Metcalf's plan calls for the city to annex only the commercial areas in Municipal Utility District 39 and would guarantee residents in the district that they would not be annexed.

''The main thing is that Harper's Landing can control their own destiny," Metcalf said. "'It's a governance issue. The bottom line is we feel like it's in the best interest of everybody."

The proposal is the latest development in negotiations between the city and The Woodlands regarding the annexation of the utility district. Conroe officials announced plans to annex the area in December to increase its tax base and to keep pace with growth.

It's clear what Conroe gets out of this, not so clear what The Woodlands stands to gain. I just like the image of scrappy little Conroe trying to swallow its much larger neighbor to the south. Longer term, of course, The Woodlands will likely be a part of Houston, at least in some fashion.

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