December 31, 2006
Happy New Year, Utah!

It's already 2007 in some parts of Utah.

[A]t least two [Utah] cities will eagerly embrace 2007 a full 24 hours before it actually arrives in order to appeal to Mormons.

The premature celebration does not reflect a new emphasis on revelry, church officials assure. It is simply that New Year's Eve this year falls on a Sunday, the Sabbath, and the two cities, St. George and Provo, know that in a state with about 1.75 million Mormons, faith can trump Father Time when it comes to planning a party.

"It's cultural slash religious, but primarily it's economic-based," said Marc Mortensen, the coordinator for First Night St. George, the city's alcohol-free New Year's Eve celebration. "We're just not going to get good enough attendance if we hold it on Sunday."

Works for me. I started a tradition of "New Year's Eve In January" parties back in college, because the only way I could have a New Year's Eve party with all my friends was to do so after the winter break. I say one shouldn't be too closely wedded to the idea of a single New Year's Eve, and as such, I applaud the city of St. George for thinking outside the box. Happy New Year, Utah!

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