January 04, 2007
Matthews hearing to revoke probation postponed

Back in August, former right-wing radio talker Jon Matthews was re-arrested for violating the terms of his probation after a guilty plea on charges of indecency with a child. The hearing to determine if he goes to jail or not has been rescheduled for next month.

Matthews, 61, appeared in a Fort Bend County court room [Wednesday] where prosecutors had planned to ask state District Judge Brady Elliott to revoke his probation and sentence him to prison.

However, Lee Cox, the attorney for Matthews, asked the judge to reschedule the hearing. Elliott reset the case for Feb. 9.

"There are some things I am investigating and I need more time to prepare," Cox said after the hearing which lasted only a few seconds.


Matthews, a fixture on Houston's radio scene for almost two decades, was jailed in August after prosecutors filed a motion to revoke the probation and send him to prison. He was later released on bail.

Court records show Matthews violated several probation conditions the court set in 2004 when he entered his plea on the charge that stemmed from the October 2003 incident.

The violations included testing positive for alcohol, being terminated from a sex offenders counseling program and engaging in sexual fantasy activity over the Internet, court records said.

The story goes into some detail about what Matthews has been accused of doing since his initial plea. It's pretty nasty, so reader discretion is advised.

It's not clear to me from this piece, but I presume that Matthews is currently in the pokey pending the outcome of this hearing. While there are some people in the local jails who don't belong there, Matthews is not among them. If he stays locked up for the duration of his original probation, that's fine by me.

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