February 22, 2007
CHIP Day - March 1

I expect to have more on this soon, but I have been told that Rep. Patrick Rose, the chair of the Human Services Committee, will have a meeting on March 1 to hear testimony about CHIP and the various bills that have been filed to enhance or restore it in Texas. As we know, it's not just the funding cuts that have been devastating, it's the enrollment requirements and the asset tests that count things like cars and childcare that have so drastically reduced CHIP enrollment. If anything is going to be done about this, it'll be via a bill that comes out of this committee. I'll pass along more details as I get them. Meanwhile, click on for a list of CHIP bills that have been filed for this session.

CHIP Legislation Filed

1. HB 109 by Rep. Sylvester Turner

2. HB 171 by Rep. Richard Raymond

3. HB 669 by Rep. Garnet Coleman

4. HB 701 by Rep. Veronica Gonzales

5. HB 704 by Rep. Abel Herrero

6. HB 710 by Rep. Solomon Ortiz, Jr.

7. HB 714 by Rep. Jessica Farrar

8. HB 715 by Rep. Joaquin Castro

9. HB 718 by Rep. David Leibowitz

10. HB 720 by Rep. Valinda Bolton

11. HB 725 by Rep. Chuck Hopson

12. HB 729 by Rep. Jim Dunnam

13. HB 737 by Rep. Joe Farias

14. HB 739 by Rep. Ana Hernandez

15. HB 816 by Rep. Lon Burnam

16. HB 817 by Rep. Craig Eiland

17. HB 821 by Rep. Jose Menendez

18. HB 822 by Rep. Mike Villarreal

19. HB 824 by Rep. Joe Heflin

20. HB 838 by Rep. Abel Herrero

21. HB 852 by Rep. Dora Olivo

22. HB 1051 by Rep. Elliott Naishtat

23. HB 1095 by Rep. Borris Miles

24. HB 1119 by Rep. Eddie Lucio III

25. HB 1162 by Rep. Pete Gallego

26. HB 1220 by Rep. Ellen Cohen

27. HB 1261 by Rep. Armando Martinez

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 22, 2007 to That's our Lege

How many CHIP applications are rejected by Accenture before the applications are approved? Does Accenture receive payment for rejecting applications as well as approving those applications?

Posted by: Ruth A. McVey on February 22, 2007 5:56 PM

it'll be interesting to see how chip day goes down. now what about a "lite-up texas" day, to discuss the money perry stole from the lite up texas fund? the chron had a one paragraph outrage and it was over. the funds were contributed by private individuals, designed to assist elderly, disabled and low income texas residents with their energy bills. without warning, recipients received a letter from perry explaining the benefits were discontinued because the funds were "exhausted". a short time later (as you described in your october chip post) perry's sitting on a huge surplus. btw, he tossed the lite up texas money into the general fund.

Posted by: deb martin on February 22, 2007 9:16 PM