April 20, 2007
What if Harry Potter was a black kid?


That's the question that author Troy CLE initially tried to answer when he created his character, Louis Proof.

But it would be simplistic to paint Louis as simply a black version of the beloved Harry. Louis is a very different character. The brainchild of Troy, Louis loves listening to hip-hop, racing radio-controlled cars, and hanging out with his best friend, Brandon. If he sounds a little normal, maybe it's because he is meant to be.

The story of the book - initially self-published, now a much-hyped Simon and Schuster release for May 22 - and the author is fascinating. More, including a brief plot outline, is here. I think I'll keep my eyes open for this one. Thanks to Oliver Willis for the link.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 20, 2007 to Books