May 16, 2007
Andy Neill endorses Melissa Noriega

Noel Freeman was the first of the runnerup City Council candidates to make an endorsement in the runoff, and now Andy Neill has followed suit.

My Fellow Houstonians,

As a registered Independent and a candidate for City Council during the current Special Election cycle, I have been granted a truly unique vantage point from which to assess fellow competitors and their messages of change for the City of Houston. It's from that perspective that I feel compelled to endorse candidate Melissa Noreiga for the vacant At-Large position 3 seat in the upcoming runoff.

Melissa Noriega has earned my admiration and respect with her compassion, sincerity, and firm grasp of the complex issues that affect our citizens on a daily basis. Specifically I share Melissa's vision of Houston that addresses the following concerns:

  • Balancing economic growth with the need for more green space and parks

  • Greater protection of our citizenry while respecting individual freedoms at the same time

  • Greater attention to the special needs of our children and Senior Citizens

I encourage everyone to do their homework on the issues that affect them and their families and make their own choice. I however have made mine and I am proud to support Melissa Noriega over the coming weeks.


Andy Neill

The only other formal announcement of an endorsement so far is from Tom Nixon, who endorsed Roy Morales. I am aware of other endorsements in the works, and will report on them as soon as I have the official word.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 16, 2007 to Election 2007