June 01, 2007
Julie Boyle update

Back in 2005, I wrote that the proprietor of the Midlothian Family Network website and an outspoken critic of the cement plants in that area and the Congressmen who let them pollute at will, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am extremely pleased to report today that I received an email from Julie yesterday afternoon with the wonderful news that she has been declared cancer-free. Way to go, Julie!

She also included a PDF copy of the D Magazine article from 2004 about her family's experience as a voice against the cement plants in Midlothian. It's a fascinating read, so give it a look.

Prior to her cancer diagnosis, Julie wrote an op-ed piece for the Star Telegram that called on the Dallas Cowboys to support clean air efforts in North Texas by refusing to spend any of the public money they were getting for their new stadium on polluters. Unfortunately, it appears that they didn't listen. Maybe now that they've gotten their Super Bowl, that facet of their construction can get a little scrutiny.

But whatever the case, what's important is that Julie Boyle is healthy. My best wishes to her, her husband and kids for closing that chapter in their lives.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 01, 2007 to The great state of Texas