June 09, 2007
West 11th park officially out of the woods

Though I had already concluded it was the case that the West 11th Street Park was out of the woods, it was still nice to see this post from Jeff Balke, which I had missed during my enforced home Internet hiatus (which has been thankfully resolved):

Woo hoo!

Got this from Nancy Greig regarding the recent concern over matching funds for the park.

I finally spoke "face to face" with Lara Wendler, Sen. Whitmire's executive director.

She emphatically assured me that the allocation of $3.75 million for the W. 11th Street Park was 1) intended to pay for the PURCHASE (not improvements) of the remaining property of the park and 2) not constrained by any "matching funds" rules. She said that despite language or misconceptions to the contrary out there in the ether that the house, senate, and governor knew the intent of the Senator's allocation and that she was fully confident that this would happen and that a check would be cut on September 1. (I asked her if she thought there was any chance the governor would strike this/not approve it and she did not)

Woo hoo, indeed! Many thanks to Sen. John Whitmire for making this happen. Now when's the party to celebrate this victory?

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 09, 2007 to Elsewhere in Houston